BuckeyeThon's 2020 Dance Marathon

The BEast Buckeyes at last year's Dance Marathon
The BEast Buckeyes at last year's Dance Marathon

BEast Buckeyes (Baker East)

Family and Friends,

Thank you for visiting our fundraising page! 

BuckeyeThon is a student run philanthropy with the ultimate goal of ending childhood cancer. Our team, along with 200 others at Ohio State, will spend the year raising funds and awareness for the Hematology, Oncology, and BMT Unit of Columbus’s Children’s Miracle Network Hospital: Nationwide Children’s Hospital.

What all of that means is that one hundred percent of the money raised by our team and every other team on campus directly benefits the kids at Nationwide Children's hospital, right here in Columbus.

BuckeyeThon not only raises money for pediatric cancer treatment and research, but also for psychosocial services like music and art therapy and tutoring sessions with teachers.  The services BuckeyeThon is able to help provide to the kids not only help them beat their cancer, but also make sure that they still have the chance to just be kids while growing up in and out of the hospital. Psychosocial services help the kids keep some of the carefree and fun loving spirit that childhood is meant to be made of while also preparing them to successfully transition to life outside of the hospital once their treatment is complete. 

If you're insterested in hearing more about the kids that BEast Buckeyes and BuckeyeThon directly sponsor, you can read about their stories here: https://buckeyethon.osu.edu/aboutus/buckeyethon_kids/

Our goal for the 2019-2020 school year is for each of our team members to fundraise $250 For The Kids. Every donation, no matter how small, makes a difference. If you are willing or able to donate you can do so using the red "Donate" button to the right, or you can select a specific team member to donate to from the Team Roster. If you are unable to donate today, you are more than welcome to share our page and help us reach more communities with our cause. Thank you for supporting the BEast Buckeyes in our fight to end childhood cancer!

For The Kids!


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